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Health projects


Genomics Aotearoa’s Health projects focus on development of, and equitable access to, the most up-to-date genomics tools for health, to enable personalised medicine that targets individual healthcare needs. 

Current Health projects

Extending whole genome analysis into healthcare: developing whole genome datasets from whānau with an undiagnosed potentially genetic condition to extend capability in laboratory researchers and clinicians.

Aotearoa New Zealand Genomic Variome: developing a genomic catalogue for Aotearoa by sequencing the genomes of New Zealanders and identifying the genetic variation to better understand variations within our population. 

Identifying genetic drivers of Streptococcus pyogenes: developing a method to predict bacterial characteristics for Group A Streptococcus infections by understanding the genetic drivers of invasive bacterial strains.

Rakeiora: A pathfinder for genomic medicine in Aotearoa New Zealand: collecting real-time data from primary and tertiary research projects, testing computational systems, and creating a pilot Precision Medicine Research Platform that can help to incorporate new genomic-based medicine into New Zealand’s healthcare system.

Completed Health projects

Cell-Free genomics: developed genomic methods for detecting tumour sequences using cell-free DNA in plasma samples to monitor and screen patients for multiple types of cancer.  

Clinical genomics: transferred genomic datasets created for clinical genetic services patients with real-world clinical problems, to DHB-located laboratories to expand analytical skills and capability diagnostic laboratory scientists. 

Culture-independent genomic typing of bacterial pathogens: investigated a method to support a culture-independent diagnostic test (CIDT)  that could generate ‘typing’ information for Neisseria gonorrhoeae pathogen directly from the clinical sample, without having to culture the bacteria.

Genomic translational oncology: developed a cohesive set of protocols and methods to integrate translational genomics into oncological practice, leveraging data collected in National Science Challenge and Health Research Council funded projects.

Epigenome-Wide association study technology: established and contributed to disseminating tools for epigenome-wide association analysis (changes that modify the expression and function of genetic material), using existing New Zealand cardiovascular disease population epigenetics studies as proof of concept.