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Bioinformatics projects

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Genomics Aotearoa’s Bioinformatics projects provides high quality computing infrastructure and support that enables genomics research growth in Aotearoa through developing bioinformatics skills, secure state-of-the-art computing facilities and data curation, and mentoring and training future bioinformatics researchers.

Current Bioinformatics projects

Bioinformatics Capability (2):  providing the tools and strategies needed to analyse information critical to genomics research, including a data archive and bioinformatics infrastructure a computational platform for national access to bioinformatics tools and a programme to upskill New Zealand’s biologists.

Genome Graphs: construct pangenomes (the entire gene set of all strains of a species) to better detect gene variation. Pangenome graphs are data structure used to represent and compare that genetic variation within a species or a population.

Distributed sequencing towards real-time outcomes in animal and human health: This project tests the application of distributed sequencing using small, portable sequencing devices at sites of need - developing and implementing pipelines to enable real-time analysis and reporting for decision making on-site.

Completed projects

Bioinformatics Capability (1): This project co-ordinates the bioinformatics aspects of Genomics Aotearoa projects. The focus is on establishing and providing underpinning computational / bioinformatics infrastructure and training.