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Genome graphs

Genome graph methods for improved variant detection across organisms are a step-change in bioinformatics practice. Genomics Aotearoa is helping to establish this critical capability within the New Zealand research community.

Genome graph methodology is assessed and used in a collection of exemplar studies of particular relevance to New Zealand. These methods are organism agnostic, so may be applied to both small and large genomes and in populations ranging from microbes to sheep to humans.


This project will deliver:

  • Implementation and assessment of genome graph methods for the analysis of complex structural variation and admixture
  • Workflows and benchmarks for applications relevant to Aotearoa
  • Training workshops to increase the uptake of these methods within the New Zealand research community.


  • Mik Black, University of Otago, co-leader
  • Joep de Ligt, ESR, co-leader