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Our publications are listed here by project.

We also publish Genomics Aotearoa blogs.

Environmental metagenomics

Determining microbial roles in ecosystem function: Redefining microbial food webs and transcending kingdom barriers
KM Handley
mSystems 4(3), e00153-19, May/June 2019, doi:10.1128/mSystems.00153-19

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High quality genomes

Phylogenetic determinants of toxin gene distribution in genomes of Brevibacillus laterosporus
TR Glare, A Durrant, C Berry, L Palma, MM Ormskirk, MP Cox
Genomics, 112(1):1042-1053, January 2020,

Molecular evolutionary trends and feeding ecology diversification in the Hemiptera, anchored by the milkweed bug genome
KA Panfilio et al.
Genome Biology, 20(1):64, April 2019

Evolution of the Torso activation cassette, a pathway required for terminal patterning and moulting
J Skelly, C Pushparajan, EJ Duncan, PK Dearden
Insect Molecular Biology, December 2018,

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Aotearoa New Zealand genomic variome

Genomic medicine must reduce, not compound, health inequities: The case for hauora-enhancing genomic resources for New Zealand
S P Robertson, J Harré Hindmarsh, S Berry, V A Cameron, M P Cox, O Dewes, R N Doughty, G Gray, J C Jacobsen, A Laurence, E Matisoo-Smith, S Morton, A N Shelling, D Sika-Paotonu, A Rolleston, J R Skinner, R G Snell, A Sporle, C Print, T R Merriman, M Hudson, P Wilcox
New Zealand Medical Journal, 131, 1480, 17 August 2018

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Genomic translational oncology

Mapping a route to Indigenous engagement in cancer genomic research
K Henare, K Parker, H Wihongi, C Blenkiron, R Jansen, P Reid, M Findlay, B Lawrence, M Hudson, C Print
The Lancet Oncology, 20:6, June 2019

A predictor of early disease recurrence in breast cancer patients using a cell-free RNA and protein liquid biopsy
A Lasham, SJ Fitzgerald, N Knowlton, T Robb, P Tsai, MA Black, L Williams, SY Mehta, G Harris, AN Shelling, C Blenkiron, CG Print
Clinical Breast Cancer, in press 2019

Recurrent loss of heterozygosity correlates with clinical outcome in pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer
B Lawrence et al.
NPJ Genomic Medicine, 3:18, July 2018

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Epigenome-wide association study technology

A variant of the castor zinc finger 1 (CASZ1) gene is differentially associated with the clinical classification of chronic venous disease
G Jones et al.
Scientific Reports, 9, 14011, 2019

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