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How we develop new projects

The way that Genomics Aotearoa decides on its work plans and develops new projects is outlined in its guide ‘Development of Work Plans and Projects’. The process is designed to enlist a broad range of groups to help our Science Leadership Team put together a work plan aimed at solving an identified problem or addressing an opportunity.

The guide gives a summary of the goals, objectives and requirements of Genomics Aotearoa, as well as the criteria that new projects need to meet in order to get the go-ahead. In general, projects must fit with Genomics Aotearoa strategy and be one of:

  • A continuation of an existing, successful Genomics Aotearoa project that remains relevant;
  • A response to new ideas and opportunities, such as a significant international scientific advancement;
  • A response to shifting needs and priorities identified at flax roots level in New Zealand.

If you have ideas for new opportunities or projects in the areas of health, environment or primary production, start a conversation with our Science Leadership Team.